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Culture shock… September 16, 2009

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One of the blogs I read… comes from Germany normally… They’ve been living in CO for the past 6 months to keep her husband’s visa “up-to-date” and have just made the journey back to Germany. She’s from the US… he’s from Germany. She recently posted about culture shock living back in Germany… which prompted me to post about culture shock living back in Texas!

1. Trucks are big; drivers are fast! You’ve heard it said, “everything is BIG in Texas”. I think there are more trucks here in Texas than cars. I don’t have the facts on that… it just seems that way! And everyone drives fast! I was noticing when I was on the highway the other day and it made me think of my sister… she drives fast and gets a bit irritated with CO drivers. Well, my thoughts were… she fits right in here in Texas (hear that Dan?). Everyone knows my dad likes to drive fast (he raced cars for much of his adult life); but even my mom does!

2. Everyone waves at me! I remember a time when we were visiting in Texas with our boys when they were younger. We were driving down some little road and everyone that passed us waved at us! Cameron asked if we knew all these people! No, Texans are just friendly!

3. There’s a Mexican food market in every HEB! If you know me, you know how much I LOVE mexican food! Not only do we have a million and one choices in Mexican food restaurants, but heck, I can walk into the HEB down the street and pick up tortillas that were just made! And the salsa that Cameron introduced me to in CO that we both just love? In CO, I rarely bought it because it was $6.99 a jar… here? it’s $2.99 a jar.

4. A lot of job postings have this added: Bilingual required. or preferred… Enuf said…

5. My parents are a 10 minute drive away! I haven’t lived near my parents in 20 years! It is so nice to just bop over there to visit… or eat a meal (hint, hint, Mom)…

6. The only time I’m cold is IN the house. So far… Since we’ve been here, the weather has been so nice… and rain came! I go outside to warm up! One thing we will be getting used to is pretty much running the A/C all the time. We only turned it on in CO when the inside house temp reached close to 80…

7. On Saturdays, EVERYONE wears orange!


Lovin’ it here back home!


Our humble Texas abode… September 12, 2009

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We are settling in nicely… and we have RAIN! Yea God! It’s been raining for two days!







singing my hallelujah song… September 9, 2009

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where i bean… August 23, 2009

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Whoa! I took a long break from blogging! Sometimes I just don’t got it in me…

Random updates:

  • Austin lives in Texas now and start college this week!
  • Cameron just started his senior year of college and is 21 years old TODAY! Happy Birthday Bud!
  • We are FINALLY moving to Texas in 2 weeks! We’ve rented an apartment. We figured it would be easier to house hunt while living there… so that’s next on our agenda… along with finding jobs!
  • I have a new laptop! Yes, I’ve finally moved into the 21st century! We are fully mobile now!

So I will begin packing for the 2nd time this year… this week. Blessedly part of our stuff is still packed (and stored) from our previous move. So I have a smaller house to pack up this time!

Here’s some happenings in pictures…

I made some pillow covers for our couch… we had “pin” covered the cushions for staging our house when it was on the market and I loved the casual look it gave the couch… so I finally got some more fabric and made “official pillow covers!IMG_4823

The hibiscus in our front yard is blooming! Love these!


My “new to me” brown sneaks… love them! And found them at the thrift store for $5 barely worn!


The granny squares I’m working on for an afghan!


My new companion! (Not to replace David at all… just our desktop!)


A fun bench and candle I was blessed with from my dear sweet friend(s) Annelise and her daughter, Madison!


My sweet Brynn… with her castle!


Me and the Brynnster on a picnic (along with her mommy and daddy)…


My sweet pregnant baby sister… Brynn is going to have a baby sister in December!


We are enjoying a farmer’s market that we can walk to! Today’s lunch: cheese quesadillas made with fresh flour tortillas topped with chopped tomatoes and cilantro (tortillas and tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market) Oh so good!


That’s where I bean… Hopefully it won’t be that long til the next post!


Great and fun giveaway… August 13, 2009

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At Randi’s! She’s got an online fabric shop and is giving away some fabric scraps… of  lovely fabrics! So head over here and get in the drawing! Oh… and you have to tell her your favorite TV show growing up!


June 26, 2009

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Leaving… for the “homeland”… where the temps are hovering around 100 degrees… and his pride and joy truck doesn’t have A/C… hmmm…


Born and raised in Colorado but this boy has Texas in his blood!


Everything’s coming up roses! June 24, 2009

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We live in a old part of town… and every morning on my walk, I pass a million different roses! Okay, maybe I’m overestimating… but they are simply gorgeous! So I took along my camera this morning to capture some for you!

















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